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Análisis del uso extensivo del horno de grafitado de grafeno

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High temperature graphitization furnace A vacuum graphitization furnace, mainly using polyimide film (PI film) graphitization, graphene film graphitization, so that it becomes a graphite film with high thermal conductivity. High temperature graphitization furnace can also be used in anode materials, carbon materials and carbon carbon, carbon ceramic composite materials sintering and graphitization, but also can be used in industrial ceramics, powder metallurgy materials and other products of high temperature sintering and graphitization.

Graphene is the most thin two-dimensional material found so far. It can be warped into zero-dimensional fullerenes, curled into one-dimensional CNTs or stacked into three-dimensional graphite. This special structure contains rich and strange physical phenomena, which makes graphene graphitization furnace show many excellent physical and chemical properties, as well as many strange electronic and mechanical properties. Determines its wide range of uses.

Graphene is a honeycomb flat film formed by sp2 hybridization of carbon atoms. It is a quasi-two-dimensional material with only one atomic layer thickness, so it is also called single-atomic layer graphite. Because of its very good strength, flexibility, electrical and thermal conductivity, optical properties, in physics, materials science, electronic information, computer, aerospace and other fields have been a considerable development. It is a new type of nanomaterial with Z thin strength and Z strong conductivity.

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